About James

Your Partner in Personal and Professional Growth


I’m James Farrell, a senior certified professional coach and ICF (International Coaching Federation) member with over two decades of experience helping individuals and organisations achieve their full potential. Empowerment lies at the core of my coaching philosophy. My ultimate goal is to assist you in developing a strong sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, enabling you to take control of your life, excel in your endeavours, and shape your destiny.

As a seasoned human resource professional with over 20 years of experience supporting the management of people in the hospitality and coatings industries, I bring a wealth of global expertise, having served as a Global Director and held senior management positions in pan-global organisations.

I am known for my coaching style, which is both practical and systematic while being straightforward.

At the heart of my work lies the belief that growth and happiness start from the ability to be vulnerable. I know that when I work with a person, I am not just working on their skills and capabilities; I am working with someone with fears and emotions. Through working with me, I will help you discover your strengths, uncover your limiting beliefs and learn to navigate your personal and professional lives in a creative, fun and inspiring way to live your life to its fullest potential. My coaching has impacted entrepreneurs and business leaders, and professionals worldwide.

Collaborating with me can bring you a multitude of advantages. You will better understand yourself, pinpoint areas for improvement, efficiently prioritise essential aspects of your life, and unlock your full potential. Additionally, you will save precious time, reduce unnecessary stress, boost your self-confidence, reignite your motivation, take complete ownership of your decisions, cultivate a winning mindset, and ultimately improve your overall health and well-being.

With professional certifications in well-known psychometric tools such as Hogan and Deeper Signals, I can provide valuable insights and benefits to employees, leaders, and organisations. These tools offer comprehensive assessments and personalised approaches, ensuring the most effective and modern coaching experience.

I am excited to partner with you on your personal and professional growth journey. Together, we will equip you with the tools to overcome obstacles, enhance your leadership style, and empower you to achieve lasting success. Let's unlock your true potential and create a future where you thrive.


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